Tuesday, 10 June 2014

8 Myths And Facts About Dark Chocolate

8 Myths And Facts About Dark Chocolate
Whether you prefer a gooey chocolate truffle or a mug of hot cocoa, dark chocolate is the number one indulgence for most of us. However, this indulgence comes at a price. After all, is not chocolate bad for us, saturated in caffeine and saturated fat? Not so – new research has shown that chocolate can be a part of a healthy diet after all. Here are some myths about that sweet treat, along with the chocolate facts to set the record straight.

Myth #1: Dark Chocolate Is High In Caffeine

While eating healthy chocolate may perk you up, it is clearly not very high in caffeine. A 1.4-ounce chocolate bar or an 8-ounce glass of chocolate milk can contain 6 milligrams of caffeine, the same amount as a cup of decaffeinated coffee.

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