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The Very best Method To Break The Ice With A Girl - The Eye Contact Method
The Very best Method To Break The Ice With A Girl - The Eye Contact Method
Exactly how do you recognize if a girl is open to your approach? This is the problem of each and every single guy in the world and most likely also the greatest fear that has actually cursed man since eve ate that dumb apple. Manly guys say they'd rather go to battle than deal with the possible turndown of a girl. So exactly what is it about approaching a girl and rejection that makes grown guys weep and pee their pants? Also, exactly what IS the very best method to approach a girl?

The reason approaching a girl is so frightening is because of the extreme level of unpredictability entailed. When you see a nice-looking girl and considering talking with her, exactly what runs through your anxious little brain?

Does she have a man?
Will she think I'm appealing?
Perhaps she's too busy to date anybody.
Will she be responsive to me talking with her?
What if she feels I'm ugly / geeky / fat / dumb / old / creepy / desperate?


I'm sure you can imagine a hundred more things that run through your mind when you see an approach chance come your way. If you get frightened or worried when this occurs, it's because of one point: UNCERTAINTY.

You have no idea exactly how the woman you intend to approach is going to react! So you're frightened due to the fact that the result may be unfavorable and you get the feared REJECTION!

Well, stress over this no more, because there is a method you can utilize so you'll never ever need to stress over an unfavorable response ever again. This million dollar method that you will learn free of cost right here is:

Eye contact

All of us recognize that eye contact is very important, however something occurs when we make eye contact with another individual. We end up being COMPELLED to react to them in some fashion.

Don't believe me? Try this small test: Go up to a full stranger (a guy) make eye contact and extend your hand for a shake. Unless the complete stranger is a psycho, he WILL take your hand. This is the power of eye contact. You can basically compel somebody to do exactly what you want by starting and establishing eye contact.

When it concerns girls, you can utilize this exact same eye contact to learn if she's open to talking to you. In truth, you can make it so that the girl become compelled to OPEN YOU!

The Eye Contact Method

The next time you see a girl you wish to approach, LOCK your eyes on her! Seriously, simply look at her eyes, even if she's not looking at yours.

When individuals are out , they will generally look around to keep aware of their environment. This is a subconscious thing all of us do. Ultimately, the girl you're staring at will look around and scan her location.

When her scan goes to you, her eyes will definitely meet yours, and you'll be in eye contact. If that occurs, just SMILE at her. If she smiles back, guess what? She's OPEN TO YOU TALKING TO HER.

If she smiles back, just say "Hey!" And if she answers, it's on !

Go right into your opener, develop connection, make a mental connection, make her laugh, display high value, neg her, and so on. All the typical PUA game.

Made particularly for low key conditions!

This method works particularly well in low key circumstances like supermarkets, cafes, book shops, and so on where you may feel like a creep attempting to pick up on a girl. And the very best part is, after you give her a smile, the woman herself might say "Hey!" and start contact and open you.

This is among the very best methods to approach girls and has never failed me yet! next time you're out, try this on every appealing girl you see. Simply Lock your eyes onto them like a sniper scope and see exactly what occurs. I promise you, you'll be nicely surprised by the good results. Simply see to it you do not gawk and drool like a creep !

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