Monday, 16 June 2014

Everybody wants…. A house in Hull!
Everybody wants…. A house in Hull!
As each day it seems that the image of Hull is improving.
Large amounts of money is being invested to fund the regeneration of some of the poorer areas of the town as builders continue their work to develop landmark sites to raise Hull’s profile even further. Such work is attracting lots of private property investment from people out of town as it is generally recognised that Hull is still a comparatively cheap place to buy and develop houses and flats. The low purchase cost in conjunction with low bank interest rates, indicates that rental values in Hull are very reasonable. Investors in Hull know that the demand for good rental property is high and they have worked out that the return on their investment will also be relatively high.
The last year has seen a large increase in the demand for buy-to-let properties in the Hull area. As other traditional forms of savings have been seen to be very volatile and it seems that the public are reverting to property investment as a safer method of securing a decent standard of living in the retirement years.
The theory is that the rental payments received provide the regular income. This represents an alternative to the traditional pension. An added bonus is the capital growth that the property should achieve if viewed as a long-term plan. An increased tolerance from lenders towards the letting principle has lead to a range of buy-to-let mortgages being developed to encourage more people to become property investors. At last, it seems the image of the landlord as a greedy old man demanding high rents for sub-standard property is being put to bed.
Marlborough Estates offer for sale several properties that would return a good rental yield and serve their buyers well in the future. Our experienced staff can provide further details and are well equipped to offer sound advice to anyone considering buying or renting an investment property in the future.
Tony Cook

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