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Halo Collectibles
Halo Collectibles
Many video games exist in shopping malls and toy stores today. However none of them seems to match the halo figurines, which have always made a big buzz among the collectors. The halo game series was invented over a decade ago by Bungie Studios and has grown to become one of the most cherished video games ever. In terms of quality and storyline, it is rated among the best first-person shooters on a video game console, having broken several sales records.


Halo is a science fiction video game owned by Microsoft Studios and currently being managed by 343 Industries. The game features a space war between an alliance of aliens (known as the covenant) and the human race and involves several characters, each with a specific role.

The aliens are led by religious leaders commonly referred to as the Prophets and worship an ancient civilization known as the forerunners who perished while battling the parasitic Flood. The term Halo refers to the halo rings which were large habitable structures made by the forerunners to get rid of the Flood.


During the game, the humans are at war with the aliens and they crash their ship onto the halo ring, which has a regular terrain with trees, hills, grass and rivers on the inside and several tunnels that are full of ancient technology that no one understands.

The ring exists as a device to be used to exterminate all life in the galaxy. There are several other rings like it hidden around the galaxy. When one is activated, the others also become active and sterilize the galaxy of all life with a burst of energy.

These rings are believed to have been made by the forerunners a long time ago to obliterate the Flood. However, during the game, both the humans and the aliens awaken the plague and set it loose across the Halo ring. The games normally end with a destruction of a halo ring by destroying the human ship that crashed on it. The humans then escape as the halo crumbles and explodes.


Some of the main characters in the game include:

Master Chief: Possessing more power than the regular humans, the master chief is at the forefront of the game and is responsible for helping the humans fight the aliens and overcome the Flood.
The Covenant: The covenant is an alliance of aliens, which are believed to be a very powerful species that fight against the humans.
Arbiter: The arbiter is an exile from the alien covenant and fights alongside the human forces.
Cortana: Cortana is an artificially intelligent character with a female personality that also fights alongside human military forces against the Covenant.
The Flood: An extremely powerful adversary that fights against both humans and the covenant. The Flood is made up of very tiny parasitic creatures that are regulated by a combined brain-force known as the Gravemind. The parasites infect and take over all other living creatures.
Other characters within the halo game series include the forerunners, prophets as well as the Spartans and almost all these characters have figure replicas that are available on the market.


Halo's toy figures refers to a collection of characters from the Halo video games. The action figures are the most popular action toys ever licensed and bought by both adults and children, and they come in different sizes and features. Some of the most popular halo figures include:

Master Chief Action Figure: The master chief action figure features the super-soldier as the main character as he fights against the aliens who want to take over the entire earth.
Halo Grunt Action Figures: This features grunts, which are creatures belonging to the covenant forces as the main characters. The grunts are considered as weak soldiers, who become an obstacle in large numbers.
Halo Spartan Action figures: These feature a group of elite warriors which are believed to have been enhanced biologically and mentally.


There are several online stores that sell halo action figures at affordable prices and these include movie action figures and collectibles, as well as TV action figures. Most of the stores offer free shipping for the buyers and others include an exclusive in-game token with each figure purchased. Online stores also give you an opportunity to select your favorite figures from a wide variety of options available making it more easier and time saving than visiting physical stores.

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