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Type of Steroids used by modern athletes
Type of Steroids used by modern athletes

Type of Steroids used by modern athletes

Steroids are a form of organic compounds which are extracted from some specific species of crops, fungi and many different animals. People take steroids to enhance their body’s muscular growth. Steroids are basically of two types Anabolic steroids and Corticosteroids. The purposes of both these kinds of steroids are however very different from one another. Anabolic steroids are approved by the doctor for muscle build up whilst Corticosteroids are used to reduce swelling and over lively immune responses.

Anabolic steroids which are used by most athletes and sportsmen are basically synthesized forms of Testosterone which is basically a male hormone. This hormone is naturally produced in both males and females and like all other hormones if one’s testosterone production goes out of balance then this can result in many serious consequences. But testosterone is one of those steroids that is the most basic part of any steroid cycle. It does not matter if you are following a cutting cycle or a bulking steroid cycle it is very important to have testosterone as a basic steroid in your steroid cycle. However there are different esters of the steroid but always keep in mind that testosterone enanthate   or testosterone cypionate are the best options to be used if you are following a bulking steroid cycle and in case of a cutting steroid cycle then go for testosterone propionate.

It has been observed over the earlier many years that Anabolic steroids can easily result in some major mass reduction which means that they help in burning body fat and attaining massive muscle buildup. It is why people who work out take these steroids so that they can burn that excess body fat and condition up their bodies in the way they have always wanted it to be.


Another steroid which is considered the best among all muscle building steroids has got to be Winstrol also known as Winny and Winni-v etc. it helps amazingly in increasing muscular mass of one’s body, receives rid of the excess fat this hardens your body and increases your strength and stamina a great deal. But it has its facet effects too. Acne and in severe cases dry joints are some common examples. So make sure to get a proper prescription by a doctor on what amount of doses you should take in to avoid the facet effects as much as you possibly can.

Anavar happens to be one of the majorly misunderstood steroids and it is seen extremely rarely that people use this steroid in the right manner. Most of the athletes that take up the steroid anavar are basically using the steroid in order to get rid of that excess fat and body flab while they are following a cutting cycle. It is kind of a tragedy В that most of the athletes and body builders usually completely forget the fact that the anabolic steroid anavar also helps a great deal in increasing the body strength and helping you to be able to do better lifts when you are practicing a bulking steroid cycle. But at the same time a hige number of athletes and fitness enthusiasts use this steroid in order to enhance their actual physical strength and gain better muscular mass.


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