Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Winter Is Coming: Winter Curb Appeal
Winter Is Coming: Winter Curb Appeal
Just because winter is right around the corner doesn’t mean you should stop trying to sell your properties. It also doesn’t mean you should use old photos just because they look more traditionally appealing. Use the colder weather to your advantage while the temperature is dropping. Don’t let weather be the enemy—keep your home sales up and your profits coming in.

Curb appeal is very, very important. Whether it’s on a website, printed media, or you’re seeing potential buyers at the home, the front needs to look presentable. Some of the best advertising for real estate is the big FOR SALE signs with your real estate contact information. Let’s talk about some ways to keep your curb appeal up this winter—snow and all.

Keep it clean: We’re in the middle of fall, so leaves are falling, flowers may be dying, and the grass might not be the greenest it’s ever been. Spend a little money to keep the grass looking reasonable and maybe replace the flowers with shrubs or plants that stay in better shape year round. Most importantly, however, is keeping trash, debris, and dead leaves off of the lawn. If there is snow on the ground (covering the grass), don’t worry about grass and most plants, since the snow will cover the majority of it.
Keep a clear path to the doorway: If the property you’re selling is currently covered in snow or ice, clear the snow from the sidewalk immediately in front of the property, followed by a clear path from the sidewalk to the front door. This makes it look more inviting and keeps it safe when visitors show up. Periodically salt or clear all walkways and porches to keep it looking clean and livable. This is very important for your updated photos, but it’s more important for passers-by and walkthroughs.
Keep it festive and inviting: Be it putting up a green and red wreath or a fresh coat of paint on the door, keep it season-appropriate. A bright color can transform a boring entrance into an inviting door. Colors or decorations that popped in the Summer might go missed in the Winter. Small, cheap adjustments can help a prospective buyer see themselves in the property come next Winter.
Lighting: Lighting is always important, but you may need to change your methods in the winter. Keeping a cozy atmosphere using outdoor lighting can brighten up the whole property, especially if it’s located in a particularly gloomy part of the country. Add a pop of light or color with some LED spotlights, walkway lights, or even some colorful Christmas lights or lanterns to turn a boring or dead tree into a Winter Wonderland.
Know your audience and the area: If the area tends to get a lot of snow, take a picture of the home after a big snow (after you’re paved the walkways, of course) to show just how beautiful a fresh blanket of snow can make the property look. If you don’t get snow, focus on a touch of seasonal décor, especially when it comes to making dead seasonal plants look less like a Haunted House and more like a cozy abode.

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