Monday, 29 December 2014

How cellulite treatment can reinvigorate your life.
How cellulite treatment can reinvigorate your life.
The pale figure on the hotel patio supped her long cool drink through a straw while she watched her friends play on the beach. She had accepted their invitation to join them in Spain when they had found a cheap package vacation that covered up to 6 people in two rooms. She loved the company of her long time friends from the office who were all keen to soak up a bit of real sun after the long, wet British winter.

The idea was a good one but a diet was definitely on the cards and she had stuck to it faithfully until the day when she went out to buy a new swimsuit with her friends. They were all keen to show as much flesh as possible in tiny bikinis but she had taken one look at her slimmed down figure in the bright lights of the changing room and had nearly cried with frustration. For all her weight loss the horrible cellulite still made her thighs and tummy look like orange peel.

All five of them were dancing around in the changing rooms making loud comments of a sexual nature about each other's choice of swimwear. She didn't join them or answer their calls to let them see her costume. She just quickly redressed and with a big smile said you'll have to wait for the beach. Meanwhile she was hating the thought of showing her cellulite filled flab to anyone. Later that day she booked herself into a beauty clinic that did massage and skin peels.

The next day at the clinic the beauticians seemed confident that they could get her ready for the beach even though there was only a month before they left for Spain, so she prepared herself to be battered and scraped for the whole of her lunchtime. When she eventually returned to the office she was sore and very doubtful of the result. The masseur had assured her that she would notice the difference in a day or two when everything had calmed down but by the end of the week she could see there was no difference.

She was caught in the tea room having a little cry to herself by her oldest friend who managed to make the tearful woman reveal her problem. Oh my goodness don't worry said the friend, I have the solution because I had the exact same problem last year, lots of women do. Just go to this clinic that will put you through a very gentle but very up to date therapy called Lipolytic Mesotherapy. It's amazing and will just change your life.

From the beach her friends shouted for her to join them but she just raised her eyebrows in mock disinterest and slowly finished her drink. But after a minute or two, with a dramatic sweep of her arms, she removed the toga to reveal to her buddies her slim and unscarred body in its new bikini. The treatment had worked wonderfully and she was again a confident young woman on holiday and having fun with her buddies.

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