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Leg Lengthening Surgery - Is It Worth It?
Leg Lengthening Surgery - Is It Worth It?
Forget diet, forget, HGH, exercise, increase height programs, massage, or other uncertain or marginal grow taller methods out there. The only surefire technique to becoming taller is leg lengthening surgery. This is the only method that will guarantee you'll get taller. However, the process is long, difficult, extremely painful, expensive, and the risk of possible complications is high.

What exactly is leg lengthening surgery?

Leg lengthening surgery is a surgical procedure where the surgeon breaks your shin bones (yes, he really breaks your bones in half) and inserts a telescoping rod. The rods then slowly pulls the bones apart as brand-new bone, nerves, skin, blood vessels, and muscle grow and fills out the space.

The rods pull the bones about one mm per day. It is pulled apart slow enough so that brand-new bone continues to grow, but fast enough that it does not heal completely. The entire lengthening process takes about 3 months followed by three to six months of demanding physical therapy.

Recovery and pain management

The entire leg lengthening surgery procedure is extremely painful so proper pain management is necessary. Anti-inflammatory medicine slow bone development so the kind of pain medicine you can take is restricted. This means that you need to withstand the entire process with minimum pain medicine.

Because of very little pain medicine, physical therapy is extremely painful, to the point where patients may quit. However, omitting it could extend recovery by two or three times the typical period of 3 to 6 months. It could also prevent the bone from strengthening enough so it could break shortly after.

Getting enough sleep is necessary to bone development and recovery but will be an issue because of the pain and discomfort. Sleeping pills may work at first but they are not safe and gradually will stop working.

Complications and risks

Just like any surgery, there are significant risks. This risk is rather high for a leg lengthening surgery at about 25 %. Possible risks consist of: bone infection, injury to nerves/blood vessels, injury to muscles/tendons, poor bone healing, and unequal lengthening.

But contrary to a lot of the buzz, significant long term issues are not common. Some clinics claim 0 % long term negative effects and firmly insist the treatment is safe.

Should I get leg lengthening surgery or what?

Leg lengthening costs around $85,000 in the United States but significantly less abroad. You can get it for around $15,000 ~$30,000 in China, Russia, Egypt, or Brazil. India is a deal at $10,000. But would you actually go to India or Egypt, and even China for a major, life altering procedure such as this? Also, you will most likely need one year of expenses since you will most likely be unproductive and be unable to work throughout this time.

Even if you have the cash, you are talking one year of bed and wheelchair ridden, tremendously painful, unproductive time. However, 3 inches to a short person is a dream come true.

So if you have $100,000, can waste a year, are willing to brave severe pain and discomfort, can deal with agonizing physical therapy and recovery, are willing to risk the complications and possible long term damages, then go for leg lengthening surgery! 3 inches really is a lot and will do wonders for your appearance and self-confidence.

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