Thursday, 4 September 2014

Have You Looked at Telemarketing for Business to Business Sales?
Have You Looked at Telemarketing for Business to Business Sales?
We all know that getting new clients is hard work and not something that everybody is good at; just because you are successful at manufacturing or design doesn't mean you can talk-up your business and sell your goods or services. So shouldn't you be concentrating on selling what you have to offer, straight on to other businesses?

You may have already tried emailing and phoning people yourself. You may have advertised at great expense in the appropriate business newspapers. Maybe you're one of those people who can use the internet to their best advantage, already have a great website and keep everything up to date. If you advertise your special offers, write blogs and have all the phones manned for incoming inquiries, surely you can't be doing much else.

Your online presence is very important and is the best place to make offers and post news about your company but can you make certain that it will be read by potential clients or even by regular customers? It’s likely that you email your present clients with updates about your business but even then business will get so many emails we can never know how many are actually read. Following up with a quick call is vital but even more time consuming and for a small business this is done by the manager not by a sales team.

If you're after new business it’s important to target the right person, the person who can give permission for sales. There's no point in talking to someone with a minor role who then has to go up the chain for permission anyway. This is a factor that cannot be ignored but will also take up your precious time. It is only by reaching the appropriate person in the correct position in the firm that your sales pitch has any chance of reaching a successful conclusion.

It’s all very well pointing out how hard it is to produce sales but what can we do about it? Well in recent years a development has come along that really makes this whole process easier. There has been a rise in the number of new businesses that take on these chores for you, leaving you to close the deal at the end. Telemarketing companies find the correct contacts and deliver the campaign according to your instructions then pass on the potential client to your door.

Once they have found the businesses you are chasing, they will focus in on the campaign. If for your campaign you need to email initially and then follow up with a phone call, they will do this. If you decide to telephone with special promotions and lead them to your website, they can do this. Whichever way you choose to run a campaign they will do it and do it at a very reasonable price.

These companies can make appointments for you or head the campaign by giving away brochures or free samples of your goods. Outsourcing the major part of your sales to telemarketing companies will save you time and money and help you run a much more successful marketing campaign. Having a telemarketing company to run a campaign for you will improve your sales whether you need to meet your client in person or can finalise the deal by telephone.

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