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Body Language Of Girls - Ten Ways To Tell She Likes Me Or Likes Me Not?
Body Language Of Girls - Ten Ways To Tell She Likes Me Or Likes Me Not?
Human beings have their own language - and the body has its own. While you can control what you say to belie the reality, the indications coming out from the body doesn't lie. Have you ever wondered where the secret to a girl's mind lies? Well, there can be no better method to read her mind and prepare for her responses than by studying the body language of girls intently and carefully.

Understanding these 10 easy standards can really help you conquer the problem of whether a girl is truly attracted to you or not. Equipped with this information, next time you will know for a fact if your advances would be welcome or if it would be a big waste of your time.

The Broad Indications

If a girl wants you, she will give out subtle tips for you to decode. You simply need to have the right resources to decode these tips. The broad indications that suggest a girl's interest in a guy is what the pick-up artists refer to as approach invitations. Approach invitations can be more or less referred to as actions or responses that plainly communicate a desire to talk with and invest time with a guy.

A girl's response to a guy she wants is not actually very different from a guy's response to a girl he is attracted to. Both feel the exact same sense of self consciousness and awkwardness, except girls know ways to camouflage these feelings better than guys can. Some clear signs of approach invitations are:

Enhanced eye contact
Romantic gazing
Leaning to you
Repeatedly touching the hair or clothing
Excessive and fast hand motions while talking
Body pointed to you

Dilated Pupils and Blushing

When a girl is drawn to a guy, her pupils automatically dilate at the sight of him. She is also similarly susceptible to blushing. This is a sure give away of a girl's thoughts for you, as well as the most apparent body language of girls to watch out for if you wish to know exactly how a girl feels about you.

Both the dilation of pupils and blushing are automatic, unconscious responses which a girl has no control over. As much as she tries, she can't stop her cheeks from becoming blushed or her pupils from dilating if she likes what she sees.

The Hair Toss

Girls have a strange way of tossing their head back in an attempt to toss their hair over their shoulders. The type of hair toss that is typical of models in shampoo or conditioner and other hair care commercials.

Such a head toss is a girl's effort to take her hair out of her face and in turn, draw your focus. When drawn in to a guy, even girls with significantly short hair also have the tendency to turn to this type of hair tossing. This is due to the fact that the hair toss is an unconscious reflex and communicates a girl's interest to a guy.

Showing the Wrist

When you are with a beautiful girl the last thing on your mind is where her wrists are pointed . Well, it's about time you begin taking note of that detail because a girl pointing her wrist to you is a big clue of being open to your approach.

Exposing her wrists to you also exposes the palm of the hand which is a sign of accepting. The act of exposing the wrists and palms is like a subconscious method of asking you to take her hand and lead her to someplace lovely. So the next time she holds out her wrists so that you are confronted with the smooth, soft skin on her wrist, consider it your sign to grab her hand.

Take a look at Her Legs

When a girl sits with her legs apart, particularly when the 2 of you are facing each other, it is a clear tip of her intentions. This body language indication can be unconscious or deliberate. Nevertheless, in either case she might not spread her legs in a vulgar, welcoming fashion. Even a small space or uncrossing her legs to draw focus can be taken as her interest to you.

Likewise, if her legs are crossed in a way that they make an inverted L shape, with the point of her knee pointed to you, it signifies her openness to accept your approach.

Crossing the legs in a manner that the thighs are exposed, albeit a little, or toying around with the shoes or hem of the outfit is likewise meant to draw your focus and communicate her interest to you.

Don't Lie

A girl's hips are rounded in such a way that they highlight the shape of her body. This rounded shape is nature's method of making a girl's pelvic region more appealing to guys. And when a girl takes a walk, her rounded hips normally have a side to side rolling motion.

So if you see a girl walking with an increased, exaggerated hip roll she is certainly making use of this gift of nature to attract your interest and focus.

Shooting a Sideways Glimpse

If a girl shoots a sideways glimpse in your direction, not long enough for it to be a stare yet just enough to attract your interest, she is sending out a clear approach invitation. She might do this a number of times to see if you "got it" and to see if you'll come up and talk with her.

If you see her shoot a sideways glimpse at you a number of times, especially over her shoulder, it is a sure indication that she would like you to come over and talk with her.

Say Everything

A girl's lips, much like her eyes, can betray her feelings readily and that too without uttering a word. Wet, shining lips held a little bit apart is a sign packed with exciting overtones. If a girl has her lips just a bit apart, she is giving out signals that she is open to approach. Particularly if you see her licking her lips while talking with you, it is a sure indication that she is feeling drawn in to you.

Where Are Your Hands Leading You?

Hand motions convey volumes about an individual's feelings and frame of mind. If a girl is making random and quick hand motions while talking with you, it communicates a flustered frame of mind. Flustered because of all the irrepressible urges and emotions of desire she is experiencing at that instant. On the other hand, if a girl does not like you, she will be cool and collected.

Likewise, toying with her hair or items such as a champagne glass or cigarettes is likewise a sign of a girl's openness to accept your approach.

of Touch

If a girl to you in the middle of a discussion or tries to find reasons to make physical contact with you, by means of holding your hand, striking a high-five, or pushing you with an elbow, she can not be more straightforward about her attraction to you.

Watch for her to get closer to you, invade your space, and to make bodily contact. If a girl breaks the physical touch barrier first and with her own volition, she is virtually seducing you!

The No. 1 Rule to decoding Body Language of Women.

Even if a girl plays hard to get, her body provides lots of signs that can really help you identify whether you hold her interest or not. You simply need to be watchful and detect the tips along the way. Keep in mind, every girl and circumstance is different so even having a list might not suffice or it will not apply to some girls.

Simply keep in mind the No. 1 Rule of approaching and getting girls: Pay Attention! If you take note of the little, understated subtleties of her eye contact, body language, tonality, and what exactly she is actually saying, you will not need this list. You will instinctively detect whether she likes you or likes you not!

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