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Spawn Figurines
Spawn Figurines
Spawn figurines are among the highest quality collectible toys around the world and are a terrific addition to any Spawn fan's collection. Spawn is an American comic book that released in 1991. Developed by acclaimed comic book writer and artist Todd McFarlane, Spawn tells the story of American soldier Al Simmons and his conflict to cope with his reality after making a deal with Malebolgia (the devil) and being revived from the dead.

Betrayed by his mentor, Al is returned to Earth 5 years after his death with a symbiotic costume bonded to his body and possessing substantial magical powers. Al, or Spawn as he comes to be known, soon finds that the deal he made had unanticipated implications. While gifted with substantial magical powers he finds out that as soon as he expends them he will be returned to death and forced to lead the war against Heaven. He also uncovers, much to his dismay that his wife is now married to his former best friend, and the two of them have a daughter together.


One of the reasons that Spawn turned into such a popular comic was the dark and gritty world that the hero occupies. Spawn isn't your typical superhero. He's violent and angry, and he has undoubtedly been given a raw deal. He made a contract with the lord of Hell simply because he wanted to see his wife once more. Malebolgia honored that deal but in a cruel twist of fate, Spawn is prevented from being a part of his wife's life once more.

The harsh twist of fate permitting him to see his wife happily married to his friend and with a child causes Spawn nonstop torment. In his new life he is mentored by Cogliostro, a retired Spawn who believes that Al will put an end to the cursed cycle once and for all.

His other influence is the sadistic and demonic Clown who is regularly trying to get Spawn to give in to his darker urges. He is hunted by the Angel Angela, and has to continuously battle against a variety of other fiends all while trying to make sense of his new life.

Spawn Characters

Spawn / Al Simmons: A former government agent betrayed and murdered and afterwards returned from Hell by Malebolgia. Armed with extraordinary magical powers he struggles with his own inner demons as he battles to find a purpose to his new life.
Cogliostro: A former Spawn whose power is down to the final tick. He mentors Al in hopes of finding a means to break the curse that damns them both.
Angela: An Angel hunter from Heaven who seeks to kill Spawn. They eventually become unlikely allies.
Overtkill: A gigantic cyborg used by the mafia whom Spawn destroys only to see him return.
Sam and Twitch: A pair of detectives who in the beginning attempt to arrest Spawn then end up becoming allies.
Billy Kincaid: A pedophile and child murderer that Spawn kills.
Terry and Wanda Fitzgerald: Spawn's former best friend and wife, who are now married with a daughter named Cyan.

Why You Need to Get Spawn Action Figures On line

Spawn action figures are without a doubt some of the very best crafted toys around the world. They are produced by a company started by Todd McFarlane, and are highly detailed portrayals of the dark and gritty world of Spawn. Regrettably for collectors, Spawn action figures are of such quality that they're in high demand so it is commonly tough to get specific figures to add to their collection. Luckily the internet serves to minimize this situation and will permit hobbyists to easily search out and find almost any Spawn action figures that they are trying to find.

Spending so many hours going to multiple toy outlets and comic book shops is a massive waste of time. Making matters worse is that there is no promise that you will find what you are trying to find. Instead you really should try to find the figures that you want online. Spawn figurines are fantastic collectibles that will make it possible for you to showcase your love of Spawn with highly detailed figures that are in reality magnificent works of art.

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