Friday, 8 August 2014

Online Customer Retention Strategies for Sustained Success
Online Customer Retention Strategies for Sustained Success
Getting new customers can generate sales for business and achieve success for business owners but customer retention is what gives the business the sustained success. You can market all you want to turn potential customers into buyers but if you cannot retain them for future sales, your business will not grow and succeed continually. Since online businesses are all the rage, we will discuss a few online customer retention strategies that are guaranteed to work for sustained success.


The internet gives us hundreds of platforms to establish conversation with our customers regularly. Social media networks, blogs and forums are few of the most popular types. To retain customers , you need to communicate regularly and truthfully with them. Make them feel as if they are a part of the company and it is their interaction that helps the business grow. Accept their complaints, pay attention to their suggestions and help them solve their problems. Conversation helps create a personal feel and eliminates the robotic feel out of the online business. Customers know they can connect with you and they know that their voices will be listened to if needed. This makes them stay place and loyal with your business.


How you sell the product is highly important. You might be able to sell once but if you would be able to sell it again or not is dependent on how you made the sale the first time round. Instead of forcing them to buy like a nagging salesperson, convince them of the benefits they will achieve if they use your product. With online businesses, it is very easy to spam the customers’ inboxes and profiles. Be careful that you do not fall into the attraction of sending emails and advertisements nonstop. Give your customers some space, tell them what they like to hear and do not force them to make a purchase. They might buy once under pressure but they will most certainly not even let you talk to them the next time.

Award Loyalty

With online businesses, there are multiple ways of awarding loyalty of retained customers and allowing everyone else know about your appreciation deals at the same time. You can give discounts to those who always buy from you or have made a certain number of purchases from you. You can send your loyal customers freebies and samples to try out. Appreciation and rewards are always welcome. Therefore, appreciate your loyal customers and give them something to remember you by the next time they plan to go shopping.

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