Thursday, 28 August 2014

How To Grow Taller With The GTR Grow Taller System!
How To Grow Taller With The GTR Grow Taller System!
Do you know that ALL grow taller programs that are being offered out there are all precisely the same? They all have the exact same workouts, stretches, and dietary principles on how to grow taller. A few of them are exact copies of each other and some even have the exact same pictures! Talk about copyright infringement. What's even worse, each program has that:

"This book is copyright 2004 by, all rights reserved. It is illegal to copy, distribute, or create derivative works from this book in part or in its entirety, or to contribute to the copying, circulation, or creating of derivative works without the prior consent of the publisher."

I am not sure who actually made the first grow taller book but all grow taller program is a derivative of that book. And the copyright suits are stating that we can't create derivative works? What precisely does that mean in legal jargon? Everyone understands that once something gets on the internet, it gets copied, dispersed, created, and every other user helps in the copying, circulation, and creating derivative works of it without the prior consent of who's-the-original-publisher-anyways? 90 % of the internet would be gone if producing derivative works is illegal.

Anyways, my point is that every single grow taller program is the exact same. I would know. I have more than 20 books and programs on this subject. I gathered these programs simply to see if any of them provides something different or innovative ... They do not ...

But does the grow taller programs actually work?

1) If you are still in the process of growing ...

However the important question is: does it actually work? Can these systems actually get me 1"~ 3" taller in 10 weeks? I IMPLORE YOU TO FOLLOW THE GTR SYSTEM RELIGIOUSLY if you're still growing. This system will help you tremendously if your growth plates have not closed yet. From growth hormone production to exercise to proper nutrition, this system WILL work for you.

2) If your growth plates have closed ...

If your growth plates have closed, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING short of leg lengthening surgery can get your bones to grow again. Not HGH, not nutrition, not workout. Save up money and go get surgery if you're looking for a magic system to grow taller. This is the only answer for you.

All hope is not yet lost. There is an area in your body that can still grow! Your Spine! The cartilage in between your individual vertebrae can, and with stimulation, WILL grow. Just take a look at the Kayan females of Burma, whose necks continue to grow through old age. Instead of HGH drinks or hypnotism or other rubbish, you should focus on the workouts and the various tips and techniques designed to elongate your spinal column. If you follow the program, your spinal column CAN grow 1 ~ 2" longer over a 2 month period.

You can finally stop looking for methods to grow taller. Besides surgical treatment and height enhancing insoles, this is the only method to grow taller. You can also stop wondering about those other grow taller programs with the slick sales pages and very persuasive pitches. I assure you, they are the exact same as any other program. If you do not believe me, go on, invest $39.95 on them and find out.

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