Monday, 21 July 2014

Facebook Games for Free or What?
Facebook Games for Free or What?
Like many other Facebook games out there, helping out others and seeking help from people is common. This is because through the tasks that requires help of others, the mother company of the game will be able to recruit more players and make a handsome profit if these people end up buying game cash. So how do you make the most out of these help links from Metropolis of Wonder?

Nowadays The Wii is still heading strong while the PS3 and 360 are desperate for some of that "casual" game cash. Sony has recently unveiled its version of motion controls, Move. This is made up of a wand and sub-controller. I'm heading to come out and say it, it looks exactly like a Wiimote and Nunchuk. Microsoft, however, has opted to go a different route. Their entry in to the motion control wars is Kinect which features no controller at all. It uses a sequence of cameras and other complicated stuff to determine not only the position of your body, but depth, head movement and other people in the room.

Seems amazing right? I have to agree. As a piece of technology, it's pretty amazing, but how will it evolve games? Kinect will bring more and more casual players to the medium, which will spark more and more publishers to abandon 80 hour RPG's and action games. Every title will be less relevant than the last and the industry will go out of business. Don't believe me? GO find any place with clearance Wii games. It's all motion controlled mini-game assortment. The train is heading to crash with all of us on it.

In reality, they show you how to make real cash, not game cash. Then you can use this real cash to buy game cash. So these techniques do work. By the way, these are not "get rich quick strategies". These are genuine ways to make real money via your love for the game.

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