Thursday, 31 July 2014

Dog Colours & Designs
Dog Colours & Designs
Dog strolling altrincham We place together general information on dog colours, alongside with real examples of each one.

Black Dog
Darkish eyes and darkish ft pads, can have white markings.

A darkish metallic grey, some breeds are born black and lighten with age, others have a dilution gene that lighteness their coat

Brown or Chocolate
Ranges from deep, darkish brown to a lighter and redder color..

Pale yellow to a creamy white color.

Light tan, the color of lifeless straw.

Fallow or Wheaten
A cross between pale cream and fawn colouring.

Can be one of two shades, a light red-brown often with darker red or black tips. Or a pale grey-brown caused by a dilution gene.

From pale apricot to rich golden yellow to a sandy, honey color.

Can be a roaning mixture of black, blue-grey, steel grey or red with white.

The color of cherry or mahogany wood, including deep, darkish reds to rusty golden reds.

The color of aluminum or a shiny coin and arrives from an extreme dilution of a blue animal.

White dogs have no pigment in their hair and white animals with no pigment whatsoever are albino.

A light yellow to blond color.

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