Thursday, 6 March 2014

Mel Phoenix of Amber Skye Photography is a product photographer, based in Swansea, South wales, UK.
Mel Phoenix of Amber Skye Photography is a product photographer, based in Swansea, South wales, UK.

When asked what distinguisheds her work, she answers: "the pursuit of capturing exquisiteness-- beauty in each of its facets.".
You've been doing the job as a product photographer for quite a few years now. What would you explain are the more crucial things you've gotten to know?
"That it calls for good business organization, patience and a precise idea of the final image. Recognizing what Light Shaping Resource to make use of and the best ways to use them in a way that produces the details in the product come awake is at the same time important. But the best important factor of all is, of course, to have fun and really love what you do. Then every single thing else will come organically.".
To have fun and really love what you do-- Mels shots of jewelery in all-natural environments are a result of that approach. Mel needed something well-kept yet detailed that would work in different sizes and contexts.
"I think that no matter what product you're capturing, you must take a closer view what's special about it. What are the unique selling points, so to speak? Whatever that is, that's what you should pay attention to. "You won't be able to merely throw light all over the place. You should be subtle and in absolute control of the highlights" Product photography lighting options teem these days due to the freedom that digital cameras now provide. Auto white balance (AWB) is so good on latest digital cameras that almost any light source can be utilized.
Product photography using sunshine gives you the benefits of using natural light from the outset. This suggests your lighting is accurately symphonious with your cameras default settings. However daylight may be variable and short lived depending on the time of year and your geographic location. You can't control prevailing daylight nevertheless you can quickly understand the best ways to harness and modify it to suit your needs. A bright but cloud-covered day might be excellent for a product photography shoot as that light will likely be even and unchanging. Intense direct sunlight can often be a problem but once in a while it can give you just the right ambience you're looking out for. To harness daylight you want to position and orientate your table top studio nearby a door or window so the light is appearing from the optimal direction-- this direction will definitely vary according to your subject matter. Place one of the bright white backdrops on the far side of your table top studio that one may bounce light back on to your subject matter. Take advantage of a light diffusing and reflection control enclosure.
We use two or three lights on a traditional shoot and have recently used these on a vintage jewellery shoot. They are very easily transportable and robust. They're not necessarily daylight color temperature thus if your AWB does not cope, you'll should set custom-made white balance on your camera which is very uncomplicated.

Discover more of Mel's pursue of recording beauty at her website.

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