Sunday, 2 November 2014

Would Lead Generation Companies be any Help to Growing Businesses in the UK?
Would Lead Generation Companies be any Help to Growing Businesses in the UK?
Each year in the UK thousands of new businesses are started by hopeful entrepreneurs. It used to be the case that most of these were in urban centres but now, with our changing economy and styles of living, the majority are actually in the more rural areas. Finances come from various places; banks or private loans or the latest funding places found online; with a bit of luck and a supportive council giving tax breaks to begin. The sad fact is that something goes wrong for more than half of them who, within six months, have stopped trading. Half may last 2 years but after that the numbers continue to fall.

These figures demonstrate how hard it is to grow a small business, how ever positive the conditions are early on. The Small Business Administration give these figures but with no helpful advice on how to prevent this happening. Obviously something went very wrong and the suggestions informs us that, in most cases, their income did not cover the basic needs of a business even with artificially low costs. There must be a way to help the hundreds that do fall at the first fence, before it actually happens.

Every business has unavoidable outgoings such as rent, energy, telephone, and with manufacturing, there is also materials. At this early stage there is often only one member of staff but until there is profit there is no wages for even one. The biggest time and money eater, though, is advertising and publicity. How do you get the firm's name about, without advertising in expensive periodicals? How do you find clients without spending much of your time networking and chasing rumours of leads? If there is a loan this has to be paid back within an agreed time but if there are no clients, how do you pay the interest?

Luckily there is as much advice as you could need out there if you have time to look for it. Strangely many entrepreneurs think that running a business is just common-sense but there are more mistakes that can be made than the average self-employed person could dream of. You could for instance forget to make a business plan, especially if your start up money does not come from a bank, as banks will always ask for one. An amazing number of small businesses are set up without any market research having been carried out on the need for it in that area, or on what similar businesses exist close by. Sometimes people make the mistake of thinking it is just a job to be done and no real passion being needed.

Luckily, as the new business owner is actually very busy in his new job, there is help, in the form of lead generation companies. They will run long campaigns on your behalf and deal with all the tedious cold- calling and they can keep clients coming to you without you having to spend time on anything other than talking to them when they call. So they will actually stop you from starving before you find your first customer.

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