Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Jackson WWS AJ-80, 248 Racks/Hr, Gas Tank Warmth Conveyor Dishwasher w/ 36 ″ Prewash
Jackson WWS AJ-80, 248 Racks/Hr, Gas Tank Warmth Conveyor Dishwasher w/ 36 ″ Prewash
248 shelfs each hr hi-temp sanitizing rinse. 234 shelfs each hr chemical sanitizing rinse.
0.94 gallons each shelf hi-temp sanitizing rinse. 1.0 gallons each shelf chemical sanitizing rinse.
Inbound water pressure regulatory authority
Recirculating prewash feature practically gets rid of manual prerinsing and also saves money on labor.
Exclusive Adjust-A-Peak feature (patented) allows the proprietor driver to by hand adjust the rate of the conveyor system from 124 shelfs each hr all the way to maximum capacity of 248/234 shelfs each hr.
Requirement 25 ″ clearance allows proprietor drivers the capability to clean large utensils, molds, and also bun pans.
Prewash section has 3 arms and also 2 lower arms instead of 2 arms and also one lower arm.
Completely electro-mechanical; no strong state controls utilized.
Fully automated consisting of auto-fill.
Prewash car fill requires 110-140øF different link and also does not fill through the enhancer heater.
Self-draining stainless-steel pumps and also impellers.
Exclusive "Power Guard" controls system runs prewash, clean and also rinse sections only when a shelf is being prewashed, cleaned or washed.
A lengthy 18 ″ clean section in addition to 18 ″ splitting up in between clean and also rinse produces exceptional outcomes.
Convenient, on the surface ran bar drains.
Deep well scrap basket easily located on front of machine helps with removal of heavy meals dirt.
Stainless-steel frame, legs, adjustable bullet feet, and also front look panel are all requirement.
Basic 8 ″ vent cowls/splash shields on both clean and also rinse ends of the machine.
Heavy scale building for extra durability and also resilience.

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