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One Does Not Simply Grow Taller – The Myths of Get Taller Programs
One Does Not Simply Grow Taller – The Myths of Get Taller Programs
I'm sure you've seen those ads that claim to make you taller like magic even if you're 50 years old and hunchbacked. Everyone knows that after adolescence, after your bones are totally hardened, you are destined to your height forever.

Is this really true? Are all those ways to grow taller systems total BS and simply taking advantage of the desperately short? Is there no chance for me to grow taller? The reality is, one does not simply grow taller. Short of limb lengthening surgery, it is not possible to grow your bones after the growth plates have closed. There is space for increasing height and it does not include breaking your shin bones and extending it.

The reality about growing taller.

Much of your bones are that squishy soft flexible material called cartilage when you're a wee baby. As you age, slowly the cartilage solidifies into solid bone. Throughout adolescence, growth plates at the end of the bones undergo a growth spurt activated by your growth hormones.

This is what triggers you to shoot up throughout adolescence. After adolescence the growth plates totally fuse into bone and short of surgery, absolutely nothing will make them grow once again. Any program that claims to get you taller by growing your bones is a fraud.

Is there no hope?

You're not in Dante's inferno, you do not have to abandon all hope just yet. There is one tested method to increase height and it does not involve hypnotism, growth hormones, or surgerybodily hormones. It is to increase the length of your spine.

The Burmese females of the Paduang tribe put brass rings around their necks to extend them. It is reported that some have even increased it over 15 inches! How is this even possible?

Your spine consists of 33 individual vertebrae with inter-vertebrae fibro-cartilage in between each disk. This serves as a cushion and shock absorbers that safeguard our spine. This cartilage is capable of growth and growth even into old age.

How do you grow these cartilage ?

1) Stretching

Stretching and exercise enables the free passage of blood and fluids throughout the disks, improving growth. It also decompresses the cartilage so that it expands to its full capacity.

2) Proper sleep

Gravity compresses and reduces the area in between your vertebrae and gradually your spine will harden in this reduced state, stopping you from reaching your optimum height capacity. Proper sleep counteracts this compression effects of gravity and assists to straighten the curve of the spinal column that gravity has so cruelly warped.

Aiding your spinal column to get longer and healthier not just gets you taller, but it significantly improves posture. Good posture makes you look confident and as a result, taller.

What's the conclusion on these grow taller systems?

They work! But not in the way they're advertising. You will not grow 5 inches in 2 weeks. You likewise will not get your limbs longer or increase growth hormones that will magically get you to grow when you're 40 years old. What will occur is if you follow the workout program, you will extend your spinal column half inch to two inches. And if you maintain the workouts, some or all these gains might become long-term.

If you're short, half inch to two inches is a miracle and will do marvels for your self image and self-confidence. Couple this with some height increasing insoles, and you can become 3, 4, even 5 inches taller! Important thing though is to first obtain a good program and stick with it.

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