Thursday, 8 May 2014

Online PMP Training
Online PMP Training
For a busy project management practitioner, it may be already be difficult to maintain and manage work-life

balance. To add to it, if you are looking to become a Project Management Professional, it may be more

challenging and difficult to take time away from the job to travel for professional development classroom


Focuspath offers effective online PMP training for aspirants seeking self study and minimal guidance from our

experienced instructors. Our online training courses offer a convenient, flexible, affordable and effective

ways to expand your project management and PMP exam preparation training needs, without leaving your home or

office. Regardless of your schedule, budget or learning style, you can fulfill your educational needs while

still managing your professional and personal ones.

If you are prepared to discipline yourself for self-study, Focuspath is ready to provide the right tools,

guide you how to use the tools and help you prepare a scheduled study plan for your PMP exam preparation.

In reality, thousands of people do self-study and prepare themselves for the PMP exam every year. Through

online and self-study, they also save hundreds of dollars spent on PMP preparation classroom courses. The

online PMP exam preparation model demands a self-disciplined method to prepare for your PMP exam using

Focuspath's textbook, question bank, online lectures, online exam coaching and online tests.

If you are looking for a PMP preparation course that fits your budget, allows you to prepare for the PMP exam

at your pace, provides effective tools to suceed and meets the PMI requirements, your quest has been

fullfilled and you have finally found the right course.

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