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Understanding Dangers Related to Tree Trimming in Ashburn Virginia

Understanding Dangers Related to Tree Trimming in Ashburn Virginia
As an Ashburn VA homeowner, you might consider attempting to perform your own tree trimming. It would save you some money, and you will likely get some good exercise and a productive weekend out if it. As part of property ownership and maintenance, regular tree trimming is important in protecting property values and promoting the overall health of your trees. It is not uncommon to hear of residential and commercial property owners opting to do their own tree trimming or hiring independent contractors to get the job done in an effort to save money.

Unfortunately, while it may not seem like it, tree trimming is actually one of the most difficult and dangerous property maintenance tasks. There are real dangers associated with it. Each time tree pruning becomes necessary, your safety and that of your property are at stake.


For instance, the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) reported a total of 47 tree care accidents involving DIY civilian property owners in 2012 alone. 25 of those accidents were fatal. In 2013, TCIA reviewed 158 occupational tree care accidents that were reported by the media, with 79 being fatal. These sobering figures are a clear indication that tree trimming hazards do not just apply to civilians, but also to tree work specialists. They are a stark reminder of the dangers of tree care, highlighting the need to uphold the highest standards of worker safety by tree trimming companies, homeowners and property managers.

Common Risks

In the above cases, the main source of injury and death was when trees or major tree branches fell in an unexpected direction. Other fatalities resulted from electrocution when the tree trimmer was working near utility lines. Electrocution during tree maintenance work is also common due to conductive tools or equipment, or direct contact with conductors.

Tree pruning also poses the risk of falling branches that could fall on you, or falling off the tree while trimming branches. Many accidents involve falls from ladders or high tree branches. A person may fall off a tree as a result of failure of the climbing system or the tree itself, or simply due to an error made in cutting and climbing. Some of the 2013 fatal accidents resulted from aerial lift falls because they were improperly secured or ejected, damaged booms due to falling limbs or boom failure.

There is also the possibility of injuries when handling machinery such as a chain saw. It is worth noting that the cases mentioned above largely involved individuals using inadequate safety precautions, or using chainsaws while precariously perched on a ladder. Others did not use safety harnesses, goggles or helmets.

The Need for Professional Tree Care

Apart from the risk of injuries to people, improper handling of tree trimming could lead to property damage. For instance, a tree trunk could fall on the roof or hit a portion of your property or even damage it completely. This is one of the reasons why it is important to hire a professional tree trimming company to get the job done. A professional tree trimmer would have the skills and experience to consider all the possible outcomes even before the work begins and take the necessary precautions.

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