Thursday, 19 February 2015

Keyless Entry Cars: Are They For You?
Keyless Entry Cars: Are They For You?
The only thing worse than losing your house keys is losing your car keys. If you’re at home and locked yourself out of your home there’s a good chance your neighbor may let you go in their house for warmth or safety, but if you lock yourself out of your car you may be stranded for hours outside of your work or at the grocery store or on vacation. It’s much more difficult to obtain a spare car key from a friend or family member than a house key simply because our cars take us everywhere, so we may end up far from home when the inevitable happens.

The biggest downside to the Push-To-Start or Keyless entry vehicles is the cost of replacements. Some locksmiths can produce new keyless entry systems for these models but it can be very costly and time consuming. Dealerships always charge large sums of money for key fobs for keyless entry or keyless ignition but sometimes a locksmith can’t provide you with a duplicate for much cheaper.

Keyless entry and Push-to-Start cars are much more difficult to steal than cars with transponder keys. The computer chips in the transponder keys make it much harder to duplicate a key to steal the car, but a key without the chip can still open the doors. Keyless entry cars need the fob to open the doors and trunk or start the ignition. This makes it even more difficult for thieves to get in your vehicle. While it takes much more effort to make or obtain a spare for these cars, the risk of theft is significantly lower.

Keyless cars are fascinating and simple. There’s no more worry about heavy keychains messing up the ignition switch for your car and there’s no fumbling with keys in the dark to get in your vehicle. Whether it’s hot or cold out, you can start the car from a distance and the A/C or heater will be ready to embrace you in comfort.

If you have a Remote-Start vehicle, contact the dealer about having a duplicate key made or install an Emergency key system. This system allows you to open the doors or trunk. This is useful if you have problems with the remote start or if you lock the fob in the car. This can be less than effective if you have your emergency key and key fob on the same ring, but emergency keys are easier for locksmiths to open and you can get copies made for cheap (as compared to the key fob replacements).

Keyless entry cars are convenient but the risk of losing keys or getting locked out is as real as it is with any other car. If you have recently purchased a key with remote-start or entry, contact us at Anytime Locksmith to ask about your options when locked out or for emergency key systems.

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