Wednesday, 14 January 2015

What You’re Saying With Your Winter season Formal Outfit
What You’re Saying With Your Winter season Formal Outfit
Men, Winter season Formal may be coming up at your High School (or College, whatever) so be prepared to look your best and impress all of the ladies—or be prepared to look like a fool if you don’t lease your suit or tux from Rose Tuxedo to look the best you can for this big dance.

Full Tuxedo: Assuming it actually matches (like it will when renting from us), you will look like a super spy, celebrity, or just darn good. However, if you’re the only one at the dance in a tuxedo, you may look out of place—but at minimum you will look great. Avoid doing this if you’re heading stag or with a group.
3 Piece Suit: This shows that you understand fashion and you spent a little extra money for that third piece. It allows you to remove the coat while still looking extra-awesome. Some may view it as “trying too hard,” but your date won’t think so.
Two-Piece Suit: Simple. Basic. Classic. You can’t go wrong here. Match your tie or shirt to your date’s gown and you’re a power few.
Suit that is too small: This looks like you purchased a suit Freshman year and you’ve had a growth spurt. Don’t wear this. If you can’t move or breathe, or the world can see your elbows and calves, it’s time to donate it to a little brother or cousin.
Suit that is too big: Hand-me-downs are a great way to save money, but not at the expense of looking like a little boy playing in his dad’s closet. Get it altered or save it for when you grow into it.
Slacks and a gown shirt: This is great for a casual look (as long as all items fit, ideally with a tie added and nice gown footwear) but it also doesn’t look like you tried. If you want to impress the ladies, you better have some great dance moves if you show up like this.
Slacks and a suit vest: This is a great alternative to the 3 piece (or even traditional 2-piece) suit. You may come off as a bit of a hipster, but you may also come off as suave and interesting. You will stand out, but you may get a little chilly—keep that suit jacket useful.
Jeans and a gown shirt: You really look like you’re not trying. Or, like you’re trying too hard to not be trying hard—if that makes feeling. This isn’t a middle school dance, class it up a bit, bro.
Anything that doesn’t involve a gown shirt or slacks: Just don’t. You will look like you don’t care and it’ll be more impressive if you skip the dance entirely and go for a “I’m so over school dances,” attitude.

When you’ve got your date picked and she has her gown colors ready, coordinate and lease your suit, tux, or other options with Rose Tuxedo. Our prices can fit any budget and we’ll make you look (and feel) like a million bucks for the Winter season Formal. Start planning now, men! The ladies will appreciate an early invitation.

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