Wednesday, 12 February 2014

How to Hire The Best Debs Wedding Gowns for Your Body Shape
How to Hire The Best Debs Wedding Gowns for Your Body Shape
When you have an occasion coming up that requires a formal dress code, consider hiring your wedding gown for the night. When you use the hire option you are able to make use of hiring a really special wedding gown without the cost factor often attached to hire end selection wedding gowns. Designer labels can cost a small fortune, but you can wear one for your night and make the event really special.

The next step on hiring your wedding gown is to make sure you choose one that will enhance your positive features and suit your body shape. The wedding gown should ultimately flatter your figure. Below are some tips on body types and selecting the right type of wedding gown.


This shape should be shown off and not hidden below a long gown that will tend to overwhelm your smaller frame. Avoid billowy wedding gowns and rather choose a shorter and simpler option.

Boyish Shape

Choose a wedding gown that creates an illusion that results in a curvy figure, wedding gowns that are cinched in at the waist or feature a belt in the waistline are advisable. Alternatively pick a wedding gown that features two different colors on the bottom and the top . This visually can break up your torso for a curvier looking shape.

Hourglass Shape

This shape accommodates nearly any style and you will look awesome. However, avoid wedding gowns that are empire styled as this would hide your attractive waistline.

Apple Shape

Empire wedding gowns are highly advisable for this body type, choose a wedding gown with an interesting or detailed bust area. The rest of wedding gown should flare out, fabrics that fall gently over the body will stop the material from clinging to areas you may want to hide. When you have wonderful legs show them off in a shorter version of this style.

Pear Shape

For this type of shape it is best to highlight your upper part, in order to balance off your lower heavier part. Choose wedding gowns with an a-line skirt or flared out and a fitted bust area. The top part of the wedding gown should feature lace, crystals or beads that will draw more attention to your shoulder and neck areas.

Plus Size

The best piece of advice is to choose any style you like but not to choose wedding gowns that feature too much fabric and are puffed out. Choose a wedding gown that moves easily with you when you walk. Long flowing gowns that touch the floor are a awesome choice to jazz up any occasion.

Once you have chosen a style that suits your body shape the next step would be to select a color that compliments your skin tone and hair and eye color. Pastel tones are wonderful for fair skin and light hair. While warmer colors suit darker toned skin and dark hair.

Be sure to reserve your dress in advance to ensure you receive the wedding gown well before the day of your event. Choose simple yet dazzling accessories to finish off your look.

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