Friday, 17 January 2014

Check The Dominican Republic.
Check The Dominican Republic.
Did you already decide where to go the next holiday season? You want to stay in your country or you want to travel abroad? And the Dominican Republic has it all. This Island is easy accessible from the USA and Europe and has grown to the number one tourist destination in the Caribbean.

And you can enjoy all of this in beautiful weather. The Dominicans are proud of their everlasting summer. Along the coasts the temperatures never drop to a level that you need extra clothing. You can visit the Dominican Republic throughout the year. The winter months of December to April are the most popular.

The most popular destination within the Dominican Republic is Punta Cana in the east. Luxury resorts dot the palm lined beaches. And the main attraction here are these gorgeous beaches along the Atlantic Ocean. But while visiting this paradise you might want to check out other regions too.

Close to Punta Cana you will find Bayahibe, the gateway to Island Saona. A trip to the island Saona is the most popular day trip for visitors of Punta Cana. Safaris and cultural tours are also available. Experienced guides show you how local people live here. When you travel with small children you might want to check out the Tanama Jungle Ranch. A project on the banks of the river Chavon, displaying a wide range of local animals.

These and a lot of other excursions are offered to you by the travel representatives after you arrive in the country. However it is way cheaper to book excursions before arriving online. You can then book directly with the excursion operators and you will save up to 40%. You can check the internet for the various offers. By visiting review sites like you can check the quality from an independent source.

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